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Swayam Krishi Sangam SKS NGO was established with a vision to "Eradicate Poverty in India".  
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Dr. Vikram Akula

SKS NGO has mission to work along side the ultra poor ( < 1 US $ a day income ) located at the bottom of the pyramid. SKS NGO envisions professionally fulfilling set of standard practices in Ultra Poverty Proofing for Ultra Poverty Hot spot zones of India.

So far SKS has touched upon 5000 ultra poor households impacting 30000 lives under different Geo political domains like tribal, rural and semi urban. Our Kora put Graduation pilot is a model plank for financial inclusion. The face of the ultra poor is also gendered for out of scientifically targeted 5000 ultra poor households 96% are women headed. 95% of them could graduate to sustainable livelihoods who were persistent hungry and malnourished. Most of them are linked to local Banks or MFIs to expand their livelihoods.


Swayam Krishi Sangam SKS NGO was established with a vision to "Eradicate Poverty in India”. It was registered as Public Society on 18.12.1997 with Registration no. 6528 of year 1997 under AP (Telangana Areas) Public Societies Registration Act 1350 Fasli (Act of I of 1350 F).

The spirit and philosophy of the institution is enshrined in its Aims and Objectives which purport to Undertake, promote and co ordinate programs of integrated rural development for the benefit of the rural poor, including women and other disadvantaged groups, by addressing the basic needs of livelihood, shelter, medical care, education, and adult literacy.

SKS over a period of 15 years has evolved into a dynamic mosaic of professional social development Institution, foraying into the most challenging areas of Ultra Poverty, Education and Rural Livelihoods.

SKS engagement with tribal and rural extreme poor who live at the bottom of the pyramid has attracted donors and researchers across the globe. Being part of Global net work of Ultra Poor Graduation Pilots led by CGAP and Ford Foundation, SKS has standardized the practices of Ultra Poverty Proofing, setting global bench mark with its Pilots. Practitioners across the continents visit our Pilots, cross pollinating practices and learning.

We have piloted first Ultra Poor Graduation Program in 2007 in Narayankhed, Medak DT with 426 Ultra Poor Households. Based on the rich learning of the Graduation Pilot wherein we could graduate all member households barring eight out of 426, we have expanded Ultra Poor Program into Odisha, in Koraput DT, which is considered one of the Ultra Poverty Hotspot zones in Asia. We have made Medak our thrust District on ultra poverty eradication outreaching 3000 more ultra poor households in this year.

SKS has also pioneered an innovative health screening test called "visible inspection through acetic acid” (VIA) a simple test with 5% table vinegar by trained nurse, to identify positive cases of Cervictis. Such positive cases found out in the VIA are referred to State Insurance Scheme for treatment. We have completed a pilot screening of 100 ultra poor women and successfully referred them to corporate hospitals. The entire initiative is guided by LIG Foundation, US, working on this subject across the globe.

SKS has mission to work along with small and marginal farmers, empowering them to overcome present agrarian crisis in India. They need guidance on their wide range of pressing problems. With the help of NABARD, SKS has mobilized Farmers’ Clubs for a collective effort in finding sustainable agribusiness solutions.

25 such Farmers’ Clubs are actively working in Medak district of Andhra Pradesh.

SKS has commitment to global conservation of eco systems and participated in the International Biodiversity meet 2012 in Hyderabad. SKS is promoting renewable and alternate non conventional energy equipment for rural housewives. It has partnership with internationally reputed service providers in solar equipment.

SKS has also partnership with AgSri, an agribusiness company that promotes affordable micro irrigation systems for farmers. We have been building competent teams for these verticals and our Board comprises of very eminent persons from different walks of lives who can guide the teams in high impact way.

We have compelling mission to provide affordable quality education to rural poor children through our Bodhi Academies. SKS founded 60 such academies (preschools and primary schools) with 3000 students, 200 staff across 200 villages and semi-urban centers of Nalgonda, Medak, Warangal and Khammam districts of Andhra Pradesh. The program has grown over 6 times in student enrollment in 2010. Bodhi is now fast expanding to outreach to 200000 students in next 5 years. To facilitate focused growth of this vertical a separate Society has been carved out by name "Bodhi Education Society”.

SKS has long term partnership with wide range of funding agencies in implementing these programs. SKS has robust scientific approach to all its pilots. SKS has research convergence with Cambridge, Sydney and Sussex Universities. SKS receives regular stream of international interns on cross learning. It has active association with Help International, US that sponsors interns regularly.


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