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Swayam Krishi Sangam SKS NGO was established with a vision to "Eradicate Poverty in India".  
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RBC concept is pioneered by the SARVA SHIKSHA ABHIYAN. SKS with its reputation in the field of Education is invited by the Government to run the Rural Bridge Camp in Narayankhed.


  • Targeting of never enrolled and out of school children aged between 9-14 years
  • Mainstreaming children into regular schools
  • 6 Acres campus with sufficient water, play ground and small kitchen garden
  • Training halls to accommodate and conduct classes

1st Batch of the RBC inaugurated by the Local Member of legislative Assembly Mr.Suresh Shetkar and other prominent community leaders to create awareness about the child labor problem and sensitize the community leaders on the issue of child labor

SKS has a very good infrastructure to provide good accommodation and recreation facilities to the girls in a safe environment

The campus spread over 6 acres with a good play ground, the huge class rooms and a small kitchen garden which provides good quality and fresh vegetables for the children in the camp


Pratham’s highly successful L2 R (Learning to Read) adaption enabling faster learning and absorption amongst the pupils.

The overall impact of the program on the arithmetic status of the girls in the RBC is clearly visible Where non of the girls are able to do the 2 digit divisions which is the class 3 standard but after the first 3 months in the RBC over 15 percent of the girls are able to do the divisions and about 30% change in the additions and those are never enrolled in the formal schools 76.4% are able to count the numbers up to 100

Impact of the Program

The impact on the reading of language is also very high on the children the number of the non readers reduced in three months from 47% to 2.8 % and the number of the word readers increased from 5.5% to 38%. Once they are able to read it easy to give them the education according to their age and that is more important in mainstreaming them in the regular schools.

  • Serving about 100 girls per batch withdrawn from labor work
  • Providing Education, Health, and vocational skills
  • Giving best facilities and computer aided learning to RBC girls
  • Education through Audiovisual aids

Vocational training to girls along with regular education

  • 1st Batch (camp 1.): Feb 05 to June 05 - 100 girls
  • 2nd Batch (camp 2): from July 05 - 100 girls
  • 3rd Batch (camp 3) till June 2007- 100 girls
  • 4th Batch since Nov '2008-78 girls, gap due to government's decision.


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