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Swayam Krishi Sangam SKS NGO was established with a vision to "Eradicate Poverty in India".  
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The Ultra Poor are over liquid and have only "sweat equity" .Prudent financial management, forecasting eventualities and rainy day preparations are very critical for the Ultra Poor household economy. Financial Education arms them with skills to stave off income shocks, insulating fragile and over liquid household economies from the caprice of money lenders. Financial Education is strategic intervention for SKS Ultra Poor Programme with the following training inputs.

Cash flow analysis: The Topic session introduces them to the cash flow analysis and forecasts that explains how to map income and expenses.

Budgeting: The Topic session defines budgeting and identifies the steps for making a budget, and importance of the savings to cope with the unforeseen expenditure.

Financial Goal setting:Third Topic allows participants to set their financial goals and how to use the cash flow and budgeting to achieve the financial goals. It helps them differentiate infectious from productive expenditures.

Financial Product Information: Fourth Topic will explain about the better financial products, good loans and bad borrowings, good investments and better cash management

Financial Education of Ultra Poor involves identification of avenues of micro investments and expenditures that influence their cash flows and impact quality life

Infectious Expenditure

Bad Borrowings

Productive Investment



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