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Swayam Krishi Sangam SKS NGO was established with a vision to "Eradicate Poverty in India".  
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VIA Test to prevent cervical cancer
SKS in association with LIG Foundation, US has pioneered VIA, a simple and affordable test to screen poor women against possible cervictis. 5% table vinegar solution is applied to the cervical area by trained nurse and the infectious or malignant tissue reacts to acetic acid by glowing white. Then the trained nurse refers the positive cases to Government Hospitals under State Health Insurance Scheme. The positive case may range from 1st to 4th stage cervictitis. We have so far tested 100 ultra poor women and found 10 cases positive who are promptly referred for further screening and treatment. Out of 10 positive cases 2 are turning out to be fatal with advanced cervical cancer in one case and HIV in the other. Rest are all treated for fungal infections through FAPS Kit.
LIG Foundation is US based non-profit of highly professional team of doctors and they have trained our nurses. Our plans are to take the screening test of VIA to scale covering entire Medak district. We wanted to add kalpo scopy and transmit pictures through web for virtual examination by trained doctors in US. The initiative has high potentiality to apply in wide scale as Cervictitis is 100% preventable and is one of the 3 highest killers of reproductive age group women in India and other third world countries.
The entire cost of one test is < 1 US$ and a basic trained nurse can do it.

Picture below shows Dr. Ernani Sadural, LIG Foundation, US and professional Gynecologist Training our Team of nurses

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